Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Picture For Life

I found this picture interesting since it expresses a lot of things. As we can see the photographer is seeing something bad, even though she tries to take the picture in order to show the reality of something that has not yet been revealed to the world. Moreover, there are some aspects of our lives that sometimes might be difficult to deal with it, but the only option is to face them. What do you think about this picture? Do you think she is crying for a personal reason or because she is seeing something bad?

Thais Vazquez

Friday, May 4, 2012

Explosion in Free Online Classes May Change Course of Higher Education

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According to, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute are partnering to raise bout $60 for free online education classes. Their reach through the internet is changing the way students learn. Who wouldn't reach for the internet, this is the 21st century! Everyone is socially interacting on the internet. I'm not a fond of online classes myself, I haven't experienced one, but if it helps other learn then fine by me. It can help those who can't afford in class courses.