Thursday, December 8, 2011

Water is Precious !

The Giant Well in Natwarghad, India
by Amit Dave

This Pulitzer Prize winning image shows people gathering around the well in India to fetch water. As cliche as it may sound be thankful for the fact that you have water. When you leave the water tap on too long, think about this image and conserve water!
Also, how does this image make you feel ?

Kelly A.

The REAL ballerina.

American Ballet Theater Ballerina's feet
by Joe McNally.

Most little girls' dream is to become a ballerina. This Pulitzer Prize winning image left me startled as I noted that the beauty portrayed on the outside by the ballerina covers what is inside: horror of damaged feet. The price a ballerina has to pay leaves me speechless. I understand that her love and passion for the art prevails the pain she has to endure. Would you be willing to suffer for the art you love ?

Kelly A.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

one hundredth of a second

This short video is bringing up the problem of people's attitude towards the view on wars today. People lost the sense of all horror that is hidden behind the news and images, which are in the media almost every day.

Only 5:20 minutes to watch, and so many thing to think about.

Alima U

The real meaning of SACRIFICE

After watching this video I couldn't hold my tears.
This story made me think about meaning of life and power of one person.
It is true that one man can change a lot. A man who had to make the hardest choise in the world.
He was responsible for hundreds of lives. He saved those people.
No one even know what a huge and tragic sacrifice was made for them. No one thanked him. No one was there for him after all.
It is really hard to imagine what would I do if I had to choose. Only people who lost their love ones might know the answer.
I don't want anyone ever be in that situation, just think, what would you do if you be that man?

p.s There is a link for the full version of this story.

Alima U.

Welcome to Kazakhastan

People always ask me there I from, and when they here that I am from Kazakhstan, I usually get the same tree responses.
1. "Kazakhstan? BORAAAAT!!! I know, I know! Are the things he said about Kazakhstan, in the movie, true??"
2."...tan, what? Where is it? It should be somewhere in Asia, right?" (They are looking at my narrow eyes and thinking that I have to be Asian)
3. "Never heard of that? How do you speak English so well???"

That's why I want to show you this video about my home country, so you would know the truth about my country!

A.U. ENG 112, Fall 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Racist lady on the tram

WARNING---this video contains very offensive language.

This video went viral after an English woman on the tram expresses how she wants all non-British people to go back to their countries. She views that immigration is ruining England.
At some point, this racists English lady tells a black woman to go back to Nicaragua, which is obviously not in Africa. It's a sadly ignorant statement.

Despite her outburst passengers did not physically attack her. Later on, she got arrested. Should she have been arrested for expressing her opinion ? Or is her opinion a violation of the law ? Which means, how far can we take our freedom of speech ? What is your view on this ?

-Kelly A.