Wednesday, December 7, 2011

one hundredth of a second

This short video is bringing up the problem of people's attitude towards the view on wars today. People lost the sense of all horror that is hidden behind the news and images, which are in the media almost every day.

Only 5:20 minutes to watch, and so many thing to think about.

Alima U


  1. Wow. I've replayed this video so many times, and it still has the same melacholic effect on me. As an aspiring photojournalist it made me contemplate a lot. The thing that strikes me the most is that even when the guy points the gun at the little girl she never gives in. She holds onto her bag knowing she could die.
    Another thing I noted is that the people at the event were cheering and praising the photographer for her wonderful work as the picture of the dead girl was displayed right in front of them !!! I agree with you... people definetly seem to have lost all sense of horror !
    Thank you for posting this.

    -Kelly A.

  2. What a great video. Works like this awakens people. These days, mass medias are changing the way we think of war,crime, and other disasters. It make the audiance irrisponsible and ignorant.Most of the time, a second after a shocking news, medias insert a relaxing music or something to keep the audiance tuned. Mass medias focuse on their businnnes rather than impact of their news on the audiance. Some reporters don't feel the news they are reporting.
    Hana Ed.