Thursday, December 8, 2011

Water is Precious !

The Giant Well in Natwarghad, India
by Amit Dave

This Pulitzer Prize winning image shows people gathering around the well in India to fetch water. As cliche as it may sound be thankful for the fact that you have water. When you leave the water tap on too long, think about this image and conserve water!
Also, how does this image make you feel ?

Kelly A.


  1. Do you think that our (developed countries') use/overuse of water affects the seemingly permanent lack of water in developing countries? What will it take for us to fix our overuse and promote conservation? What do you think about cities in this country that shouldn't even exist based on their water use, like Phoenix and Las Vegas?

    Sam P

  2. Thank you Kelly for your post. I personally have seen this kind of situation in front of me one time. It mostly happens in village areas or poor areas. People wait for whole day to get water. If they lucky, they can get two bucket of water but sometimes they could not get any. It’s a huge problem in many South Asian countries. Here, in the U.S. we are so like that we don’t have to suffer for this kind of situation. So before we waste this valuable water, we should think deeply.

    Sazid H.

  3. I went through the same situation. Back in my country, you have to wake up at midnight and walk 5 miles before you can get water and sometimes you have be in line for your turn to come. i was surprise to see how people waste water when i came to the father always reminds us to use it wisely and remember what we went through back home because every little drop of water can save life.

    Constance A.

  4. This picture shows a myriad of difficulties when people do not have water to use. Actually, overusing water can lead to lacking of water even in developing countries. This is also an effective picture for people all over the world to ponder other natural resources, not only water. For instance, people can image that if they take too much sand or oil from oceans, people will lose a lot of mainland. Human beings will not have places to live any longer. All in all, people can realize from this picture that overusing can change the life of the earth, so people should use everything reasonably in order to protect their lives and others.

    Loan Ng

  5. I absolutely understand this type of situation. One of our family member were having this type of problem in their home where they had to walk like one mile and get water from there. This picture is very emotional, how we have so many people in other countries who are suffering with these problems. Water is the most important thing to survive. Imagine ladies who has to bring water to home, and than cook food for the family. This is very hard for them. There is a good lesson by looking at this picture, we all should not waster water, since we are lucky to not experience this situation.
    Nabila ENG 112

  6. When I was in my country, I had seen many people facing same struggle. We had news everyday which focused in this topic. We were given education regarding the water conservation. People fought with each other to get a bucket of water. Here we have facility of water so we may not think about it's problem but somewhere in this same planet there are people dying to get a drop of water.

    Sujata U