Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The real meaning of SACRIFICE

After watching this video I couldn't hold my tears.
This story made me think about meaning of life and power of one person.
It is true that one man can change a lot. A man who had to make the hardest choise in the world.
He was responsible for hundreds of lives. He saved those people.
No one even know what a huge and tragic sacrifice was made for them. No one thanked him. No one was there for him after all.
It is really hard to imagine what would I do if I had to choose. Only people who lost their love ones might know the answer.
I don't want anyone ever be in that situation, just think, what would you do if you be that man?

p.s There is a link for the full version of this story.

Alima U.


  1. What an impressive video!Love is stronger than death. The father who sacrified his only child to save the others.His love, to the other, is uncondtonal;almost non of the passangers recognized it.He lost his beloved son.But, one thing he has for sure: the confirmation from his mind that he did the right thing, that he is not selfish,that he is the reason for many people to live. And confirmation like this renews and energize people to face each new day.( The main point of the video is summerized in the very last quotation.)
    Hana Ed.

  2. I couldnt imagine myself in that situation. To say the truth I might of saved my child instead of lowering the bridge. I makes me think if my way of thinking is according to GOD. Thanks for posting the video, gives you something else to think about then just our busy running around lives.
    Cindy Alas ENG 111