Saturday, May 10, 2014

SplytSecond - Criminal

So I wrote, recorded, and uploaded this song last summer. I wrote it as I was feeling overwhelmed by racism and prejudice projected on to me and others I was affiliated with at the time. I believe it to be my most profound and reflective song yet. Tell me what you think and how you feel about racism and prejudice in today's society.

Jabril Shareef
ENG 112-009A

Friday, May 9, 2014

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

Many have argued whether whose philosophy was superior. Steve Jobs believed in offering one piece of hardware and software, while Bill Gates believed that software coupled different hardware for each specific person was a better route. At first, Mr. Gates and Microsoft boomed and became the most powerful software company in the world. As of late, Apple has caught up and even surpassed Microsoft in sales. So this begs the question, who was right? First off, I would like to say that I am not a fanboy of one or the either, but I side with Steve Jobs. Mac computers are as beautiful on the outside as they are on in the inside. The operating system is more intuitive and "just works." Virus' aren't much of a problem as they are on a Microsoft computer and their resale value far exceeds its counterpart.

Who do you think was right?

Eng 112 Sec 009A

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Religion vs. Jesus

When did such a divide between the concept of religion and Jesus begin? Personally, I am not the most religious person but this does interest me in how two things that are usually correlated together, are greatly contrasted in this speech. Was it Jesus' intention was for there to not be a religion, or is it just a misunderstanding? I am still a bit confused about the whole topic but am interested by the points brought up. What do you guys think? - Alex V. ENG 112(007A)


Friday, May 2, 2014

Legalizing Marijuana is Not Cool!

By Lawrence Collins

If we allow legalization of marijuana, what will be next?  Will it be legalizing heroine, crack, or cocaine?  It is funny how they try to tax things they can't control.  That's right.  When they realize they can's control something, they tax it.  And then there is crime to think about when legalization of marijuana.  People will always do illegal things to obtain illegal things.  Now, they will do illegal things to obtain the legal drug that should really stay illegal.  While some are saying, "how mus is that doggy in the window", others will be saying, "how much is that joint of refer behind the counter."  All because someone decided that marijuana is good for medicinal purposes--for the eyes, for cancer patients, for aids patients, etc.

Please, please, please support efforts to keep marijuana illegal.  In doing so, you save your community, your society, and most importantly, your conscience!

Lawrence Collins
ENG 112

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Somalia Flag


                                 SOMALIA FLAG

  My blue flag shines like a star when the sun shines,
That is when everything in the cloud looks bright
Oh I see the light
That is when it feels so right
And I feel so light
That is when I want to hold my blue flag, tight
And start jumping up and down
White stars light the ground like they want to fall down
Feels like all the shine on the ground
When I see the excitement I look around
If anyone else could see what I see
They would be able to see what is inside of me.

-Halimo J.
ENG 112 09A