Sunday, May 4, 2014

Religion vs. Jesus

When did such a divide between the concept of religion and Jesus begin? Personally, I am not the most religious person but this does interest me in how two things that are usually correlated together, are greatly contrasted in this speech. Was it Jesus' intention was for there to not be a religion, or is it just a misunderstanding? I am still a bit confused about the whole topic but am interested by the points brought up. What do you guys think? - Alex V. ENG 112(007A)



  1. It sounds like he doesn't in fact hate religion itself. He hates the blind following of a religion. He hates the constricting confinements of religion imposed by people onto others with little to no explanation as to the reasons or backgrounds of the behaviors they exhibit. As a Muslim, i also believe that religion shouldn't be followed blindly and should be researched and understood before the decision to align with a religious sect is made. On another note, this guy isn't a bad emcee. I approve.

    Jabril Shareef
    ENG 112-009A

  2. I agree with the comment made. The idea of religion has caused many wars and bloodshed. Many blindly follow something they don't believe in for the sake of faith based security, heaven. People want to be included in a group bigger than themselves and will make wrong decisions as a result of that. Leaders of religions aren't always the best of character. With the power that they have, they have a greater chance of being corrupt. With many people blindly following their every word, the result is horrific at times. The video states that people should love God and his teachings and the politics of religion.

    Eng 112-009A

  3. I have to say, this was a very interesting video to watch. I think he makes a good argument by pointing out differences between Jesus and religion. I liked his example, “It’s like saying you play for the Lakers just because you bought a jersey.” Though that is true, he missed the part that the players of the Lakers team can’t play without wearing a Lakers jersey. Following the rules of religion is not necessarily creating a fake look; it is part of believing in Jesus. If one claims to be a person who believes in Jesus, then one has to follow the rules of Jesus. Religion by itself is pure and true; the problem is with the religious leaders and the people who follow the religion blindly. The problems the speaker mentioned are of religious leaders and blind followers, not of religion.

    MeronT. Eng 111-34A

  4. I really like this video because I agree with it 100%. I used to go to church but I stopped going. I didn't agree with what the church was saying. For example I don't believe in being a virgin until married. I truly believe that the church made that up. I don't know much about religion, I haven't even read the bible but I do believe in God. I remember when one of my friends said "How do you believe in God if you're not Christian?" I was shocked when she told me that because she's a christian and she was judging. I took a history class and it talked about religions and Jesus. I learned a lot in that class. I learned about Martin Luther who also talked about the church. Around the 1500's, priests and bishops started to sale indulgences meaning you're giving money to the bishops for them to forgive your sins. Luther believed that faith is salvation and that God can only save you. This religion vs Jesus has been around for a long time. People should seek into this more. I'm learning more about God and want to read the bible. The video was interesting to watch, I just love what he said.

    Amy F. ENG 111-020

  5. I used to be quite the fan of Jefferson Bethke, but he started to lose my interest once he began to slip snide political comments into his lectures. This didn't make me bitter because I disagree with his political beliefs, it annoyed me simply because it's not right to make such bold judgments about every Republican, OR Democrat. There are good and bad members in both parties, but if he truly believes what he's preaching then ultimately we're all brothers and sisters in Christ and should treat each other as such. I think Jesus' intent was to not only prove that God is real and offers eternal life, but to show everyone what love is really about. The idea is to be one big, happy, generous, loving family. When people ask me if I'm religious, I always reply with "I'm faithful."

    Sarah Jane Scott
    English 111 - 034A

  6. I also really found this video interesting because it addressed some questions I didn't know I had. Recently, I haven't been going to church as often as I used to, and I've felt guilty about it. But then when I watched the video, I realized that this guilt is because it's been so ingrained in my head that if you don't take part of this religious component, then you're bad. But it's not supposed to be so black and white when it comes to faith. If people say they follow a religion that is based on love and understanding, why is there so many who use it as an excuse to hurt others? Shouldn't it be about helping others? This shows how often people want to take religion, split it into pieces, and only choose the parts that are convenient for them. Sometimes the wrong people pick the pieces and they want to gain a power that really shouldn't be in their hands to begin with. Usually it's too late to turn back. I agree that more people need to realize that believing in God shouldn't be the worship of something man made because it "leads to salvation". It should be something much deeper within us that we decide to listen to, not something forced upon us. Who are we to judge anyone, and how and what they believe?

    JMA. ENG 111-034A