Saturday, May 10, 2014

SplytSecond - Criminal

So I wrote, recorded, and uploaded this song last summer. I wrote it as I was feeling overwhelmed by racism and prejudice projected on to me and others I was affiliated with at the time. I believe it to be my most profound and reflective song yet. Tell me what you think and how you feel about racism and prejudice in today's society.

Jabril Shareef
ENG 112-009A


  1. I’m in full support in your expression of frustration about institutionalized racism in the American System. The proliferation of negative stereotypes about black people have resulted in racial profiling, which suggests that young black men and women in particular are criminals, rapists, and degenerates to society.
    Should we continue live in society where one is always look down upon the other? Certainly not. It is about time this menace eradicated from the American society because no one was created with more than four limbs with golden head. I plead that the black minority should be responsible in all their dealings to do away with notion that the black man has nothing good to offer society. The majority in society should be a matter of urgency liaises with the minority to live as unit with a common goal for the benefit of all.

    Victor O. A
    ENG111 020A

  2. I found this rap video to be both outstanding lyrically and educational. As an African American, a lot of your rap lyrics connected to my life and childhood. I do believe there is sill racism and prejudice in this country, not as much as there used to be but still existent. The rap lyrics "when they see me rock a hoody they thinking that I could be nothing but a criminal" I could relate to this because one time I was walking to subway to get something to eat, as I was walking buy a giant food store parking lot, a young lady ran away from me for passing by her car, because I was wearing a hoody. The young lady than questioned me, thinking I was rapist or a criminal, what I was doing with pepper spray in her hand. I explained to her I was on my way to go eat dinner. She than apologized and told me she is just very cautious. I was 16 at this time. I also have been pulled over by a police officer and searched, by him and the back up officer he called in. Police officer pulled me over saying both me and my two African American friends looked suspicious. They found nothing on me, on my friends, or my car. Then he ticketed me saying that I had more than one passenger in the car as a driver under 18. Your rap does a good job bringing up the overwhelming racism and prejudice that is happing with lyrics you use. Good job making it both educational and entertaining at the same. It would be great if there was lyrics for this rap because some parts you go all Busta Rhymes and start rapping fast and you cant get all the words you say.

    Robale N.
    ENG 111 section 20