Friday, May 2, 2014

Legalizing Marijuana is Not Cool!

By Lawrence Collins

If we allow legalization of marijuana, what will be next?  Will it be legalizing heroine, crack, or cocaine?  It is funny how they try to tax things they can't control.  That's right.  When they realize they can's control something, they tax it.  And then there is crime to think about when legalization of marijuana.  People will always do illegal things to obtain illegal things.  Now, they will do illegal things to obtain the legal drug that should really stay illegal.  While some are saying, "how mus is that doggy in the window", others will be saying, "how much is that joint of refer behind the counter."  All because someone decided that marijuana is good for medicinal purposes--for the eyes, for cancer patients, for aids patients, etc.

Please, please, please support efforts to keep marijuana illegal.  In doing so, you save your community, your society, and most importantly, your conscience!

Lawrence Collins
ENG 112


  1. You are an ignorant insensitive is legalizing marijuana going to make others think of legalizing cocaine and heroine? Obviously heroine, cocaine and other substances like that DO kill and there have not been any marijuana related death! I suggest you do a little more research and give some more supporting details as to why it should be legal because this post here doesnt make much sense.How is legalizing it going to put up crime? Crime has actually reduced in Colorado after it was legalize and they made about 2 million in taxes alone. Now we all know how much debt the US is in which is affecting EVERYONE including you! "how much is that refer behind the counter"? is that what you care about? how people ask for it? Do research and support the theory you are trying to prove because you are not proving anything right now and legalizing it is not based on one person's opinion! And yes people do use it for medical purposes...if you were in that position to use it for medical purposes maybe you would understand it better. If you don't use it that's great for you but don't be narrow minded.

    Roger Yawson
    ENG 112

  2. Let's not call each other names. Alcohol was once considered an illegal substance as well. Once it was legalized, every other drug did not follow suit. The government can tax marijuana just as it has taxed alcohol. I understand why you wouldn't want marijuana to be legalized, but then based on your reasons alcohol should be illegal as well. Drunk driving does kill. Being drunk does cause violence.

    ENG 112
    M/W 12:30-1:45pm

  3. I think yoou are both making interesting points. While attempting to remain as unbiased as i possibly can, the religion I follow clearly opposes any outside substances that alter your state pf mind. With this in mind, I do understand that Marijuana does have beneficial properties that assist the treatment of ailments such as cancer. However, to the best of my knowledge,medicinal marijuana is legal in at least 20 states. I do agree that it should be legalized in the rest of them, but I do not agree with the legalization of recreational marijuana. Some people can't tolerate the mind-numbing effects of marijuana enough to function properly and it can lead to poor decision-making. In my opinion, medical marijuana should be legalized to help people. Marijuana for the average human without the medical need for it should not.

    Jabril Shareef
    ENG 112-009A

  4. Lawrence,
    As a Christian and a conservative Republican, I can sympathize with the sentiment of your argument and I can appreciate your passion. However, I feel it necessary to suggest that you follow the old, cliche idiom, "you can catch more flies with honey..." Your words come out in a very "Bible thumping," chastising, overly zealous manner (not just in this post). In many cases, such passion can be a great thing, but so can temperance. Ask our father for help maintaining serenity. I realize there's a degree of irony here. Nevertheless, in appreciation for your kind reassurance replying to my last post, I offer you this response as nothing more than a friendly suggestion from a fellow believer.
    God bless you.
    P.J. Wordsmith