Thursday, May 1, 2014

Somalia Flag


                                 SOMALIA FLAG

  My blue flag shines like a star when the sun shines,
That is when everything in the cloud looks bright
Oh I see the light
That is when it feels so right
And I feel so light
That is when I want to hold my blue flag, tight
And start jumping up and down
White stars light the ground like they want to fall down
Feels like all the shine on the ground
When I see the excitement I look around
If anyone else could see what I see
They would be able to see what is inside of me.

-Halimo J.
ENG 112 09A


  1. I can feel your love for your country by reading this poem. This is a great way to show your love through the poem, defiantly we all love where we come from. Nice words I like it..
    Nabila ENG 112

  2. This a pretty nice poem. The execution isn't as technical as I would personally prefer, but the message has definitely been conveyed in an effective manner and the sincerity is felt. I can almost feel the warmth of the light you described radiating from the picture as I read the words. I also appreciate the way you formed the vision of your own personal nirvana stemming from the pride you feel for your country and what the flag represents. It's a beautiful piece.

    Jabril Shareef
    ENG 112-009A