Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Picture For Life

I found this picture interesting since it expresses a lot of things. As we can see the photographer is seeing something bad, even though she tries to take the picture in order to show the reality of something that has not yet been revealed to the world. Moreover, there are some aspects of our lives that sometimes might be difficult to deal with it, but the only option is to face them. What do you think about this picture? Do you think she is crying for a personal reason or because she is seeing something bad?

Thais Vazquez

Friday, May 4, 2012

Explosion in Free Online Classes May Change Course of Higher Education

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According to, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute are partnering to raise bout $60 for free online education classes. Their reach through the internet is changing the way students learn. Who wouldn't reach for the internet, this is the 21st century! Everyone is socially interacting on the internet. I'm not a fond of online classes myself, I haven't experienced one, but if it helps other learn then fine by me. It can help those who can't afford in class courses.


Monday, April 30, 2012

9/11 Photograph

Screen Shot 2012-02-10 At 09.56.06

This is a controversial picture taken by Thomas Hoepker during the World Trade Center attack.  Do you find it odd that these people are having what seems to be a normal day with there friends and enjoying themselve while such a catastrophic event is taking place literally right before there eyes?

Alec Baird

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Culture in The United States is defined by its immigration policies.

Jack B.

The Agony of a Government.

The Agony of a Government.
Government, a cult the people are never pleased with. No matter where you go, America, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Uganda, South Africa, and many others, politics is the dirtiest game of all.
Citizens' taxes are increased by the day, prices of essentials peak like mercury in a thermometer in boiling water, people are not paid their fair share, infrastructure is pathetic, and others are treated "more equally than others." What does Government do? Sit there and tell you how they are on your side, while the senate is passing a bill on tax hikes for the middle class, tax cuts for the obscenely rich; Congress shoots down the Job Act Plan, knowing very well that the people who elected them into office are unemployed, and they sent them to the capital to get them their jobs, their tax cuts and realistic prices. But all their care for is themselves, their interests. How can a grown, educated person give such a pathetic excuse of not passing a Jobs bill as "we are not going to help the president get re-elected!" Such in-sensitiveness towards the country as a whole, then they later on have the nerve to attack the president for not keeping his promises, yet it was all up to them.
Partisans can really get on your nerves. They forget that they have to be obligated and patriotic towards their country, they would rather pledge allegiance to their party. The public do not care about any of this. All they want is a better life, and government is doing a great job destroying it!
Sometimes look at these guys on Fox News, C SPAN, and the others, and wonder, can someone really be that brainless? 
I would like to walk to Capitol Hill give these guys a question, "How about giving us a break for some time and let us run our country?" Greed and selfishness is filled in their personalities, they hate to be refuted, not knowing that the best learn from criticism.
Looking around the world, with rulers like Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Museveni (Uganda), all I can say that government is a foot! The people should choose the way they live, like the way the constitution starts "We the People..."

S. Guyidde-Bisase

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Democratic Republic of Iraq, Free at Last!!!!

The Sharia law was not used by Saddam Hussein because he was a member of the Baath socialist party. He took away freedom of political speech, but he gave the people the freedom to wear whatever they want, the freedom of religion ,and other types of freedoms. Women played a strong role in Iraq during Hussein's socialist rule and minorities like Christians were treated better than before. In 2003 the percentage of Christians was approximately 4% of the population. The United States took Saddam Hussein out that year and brought something called "Democracy." Unfortunately, the Islamic parties won the democratic election because the people of Iraq are faithful. The Islamic parties took away all types of freedoms. The new Iraqi government was very successful in destroying women by forcing them to wear Hijab and limiting their freedoms (the kitchen became a place that they had to adapt to). the population of Christians went down to 0.5 percent after the massacres, which were led by "unknowns" (the government). The churches were burned and most of the non-muslim teachers/ students were kicked out from the public universities of Iraq due to their religious background. The American media and especially CNN have continuously blocked all the bad news that comes from Iraq, maybe because it is very shameful.

-- Anmar Shoriz

Friday, March 16, 2012

Care giving

Just because a person is covered in black doesn't mean that person has a black heart.

 --Fatma R.