Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fair Trade Coffee: How to buy fair trade coffee

Janny Nguyen


  1. Fair trade coffee...is very good thing to do! I already heard about this from my cousin. LIKE

    Thao Vo

  2. I am curious how is this fair trade program guaranteeing that the farmers who are overseas going to assure them a more "fair" trade.Does this mean the poor farmers overseas will now be getting more for there coffee beans?

    Alec Baird

  3. Fair trade is the great business idea. Now days in many parts of the world farmers didn’t get fair price for their products. Since there is no restriction or labor standard in many agricultural economic countries; merchants didn’t care about paying fair for the local farmers and labor workers. I believe as a customer we have to make pressure on the big companies to give fair price for poor farmers. Personally I was very active participant in collecting signature to help Ethiopian coffee farmers to gate fair price from Starbucks Coffee Company.

    Andualem W.