Monday, April 30, 2012

9/11 Photograph

Screen Shot 2012-02-10 At 09.56.06

This is a controversial picture taken by Thomas Hoepker during the World Trade Center attack.  Do you find it odd that these people are having what seems to be a normal day with there friends and enjoying themselve while such a catastrophic event is taking place literally right before there eyes?

Alec Baird


  1. Yes and no, it cam be both. Well for one not many people knew what was going on during the morning of 9/11. The only way I was informed about the attacks was through an announcement that my principal made in the morning and still I was not affected emotionally or mentally about the attacks. All he said was that a plane has hit one of the world trade centers in NYC and I said to myself, "Ok, what is the WTC?" I never knew what that building was until 9/11. But this is me in the city of Alexandria VA when it all happened. Now for these adults in Manhatten or NJ I presume, it might just be a matter of shock that has hit them, and they may be thinking that everything is going to be okay. Of course what can they themselves do, go into the city and help? How? When all of lower Manhattan was being evacuated. People may see that this picture is odd for we see no devastating emotions on their faces. But we as the viewer do not know that. They may be in a state of shock that they do not know what else to do. Crying would not make the situation better. That would just instill more fear. I have done more research on the photo and the man with the sunglasses reports that him and his girlfriend (to the left) were just in shock. I'm pretty sure panic would not be a solution to this yet this picture gives an erie feeling. Now this picture is just a memory and everyone has its' own interpretation about this picture.

    -L. Auceda

    1. I think the picture was taken to make it seem odd. I"m guessing the photographer didn't even take a picture when they saw the WTC being attacked. He captured a moment when things were normal for just a few seconds and didn't even take a picture when the folks saw the WTC.

  2. Omg! I've never seen this before. This is so strange because everytime i see a picure related to 9/11, you see people horrified by what they see. That's soo strange that these people don't seem to give a damn about what is going on. How could they not notice the smoke.....

    -Isma W
    English 112-011A

  3. I think this picture can say more than thousand words. It obviously show how people were having a good time as other people were dying as a consequence of the attack of the world trade center. In addition, I am guessing noneof those people had some relatives working on those building since they look so normal infront of that situation. Moreover, this picture can show the insensitively of human nowadays. Also, it shows how selfish those people were infront of this situation.

    Thais Vazquez