Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Democratic Republic of Iraq, Free at Last!!!!

The Sharia law was not used by Saddam Hussein because he was a member of the Baath socialist party. He took away freedom of political speech, but he gave the people the freedom to wear whatever they want, the freedom of religion ,and other types of freedoms. Women played a strong role in Iraq during Hussein's socialist rule and minorities like Christians were treated better than before. In 2003 the percentage of Christians was approximately 4% of the population. The United States took Saddam Hussein out that year and brought something called "Democracy." Unfortunately, the Islamic parties won the democratic election because the people of Iraq are faithful. The Islamic parties took away all types of freedoms. The new Iraqi government was very successful in destroying women by forcing them to wear Hijab and limiting their freedoms (the kitchen became a place that they had to adapt to). the population of Christians went down to 0.5 percent after the massacres, which were led by "unknowns" (the government). The churches were burned and most of the non-muslim teachers/ students were kicked out from the public universities of Iraq due to their religious background. The American media and especially CNN have continuously blocked all the bad news that comes from Iraq, maybe because it is very shameful.

-- Anmar Shoriz


  1. Even after Hilter, massacres are going on. Seems like everyone forgot about: "We will never let this happen again"
    Cindy Alas

  2. It's ironic that in trying to "help" the Iraqi people by implementing a democratic government, the U.S. managed to make things worse. At least under the socialist party the woman weren't discriminated against and Christians weren't murdered.

    Gino Sanchez

  3. The corrupted government is all behind all of what is happening. Specially most of the police who are supposed to be protecting the country they are the actual kidnapers.So the Iraqi government has two faces one is being a government and criminal/thief at the same time.

    Haider Adhoob