Friday, March 16, 2012

Care giving

Just because a person is covered in black doesn't mean that person has a black heart.

 --Fatma R.


  1. Unfortunately, certain stereotypes are made due to the current situation in the world. Conflicts of ideologies, political issues, military acts, terrorism, cruelty, violence.. often based on religious differences.. People often forget that what is different from their point of view/religion/tradition is not necessarily bad. Indeed, black is not always black.

    Mariam Efendieva

  2. This photo has lot of emotions! I first saw this when it was on Yahoo news and at first didn't understand the concept. Later, did some research on the photo and the photographer and found out that this women is actually holding her injured son who was in protest in Yemen and the near by mosque had turned into a temporary hospital. Its an incredible picture.

    -Isma W.

  3. 100% agree... Appearance is just something and it can't be a base for us to judge someone. Inner beauty is more important.

    Thao V.

  4. I agree with that. People are deserved to be judged fairly based on what they do, not how they look or dress.

  5. I am curious to know where this notion of someone covered in black has a black heart? Is this saying people generally believe people covered or wearing black dont have a good heart?
    Alec Baird

  6. First of all, I don't think that colors represents what type of person you are, or what kind of heart do you have. A person, can only tell in reality, that what kind of personality a person is having. Inner personality is more value able than judging from colors.
    Nabila ENG 112

  7. This is such a powerful image! This picture shows that the woman has compassion, not a black heart. People should be judged on their actions rather than their physical appearances.

    Jennifer C. ENG 112 11am