Thursday, December 8, 2011

The REAL ballerina.

American Ballet Theater Ballerina's feet
by Joe McNally.

Most little girls' dream is to become a ballerina. This Pulitzer Prize winning image left me startled as I noted that the beauty portrayed on the outside by the ballerina covers what is inside: horror of damaged feet. The price a ballerina has to pay leaves me speechless. I understand that her love and passion for the art prevails the pain she has to endure. Would you be willing to suffer for the art you love ?

Kelly A.


  1. The reality in this world is that nothing comes easy. You have to trip and fall inorder to get to what you want. When you get up and continue your path, that's what shows your determination and passion in what your're doing. This balerina is without a doubt suffering from the pain she is enduring in her feet, but nevertheless, she has a peaceful soul, for she is pursuing her dreams and doing what she loves most.
    -- Fatma R.

  2. I think this picture is amazing as it goes into the unknown grittiness of dance. Ballerina's are often seen as women who are elegant and fragile while this picture shows the exact opposite. The bumps and bruises on her foot indicate she has been practicing A TON to the point where her feet are hurting. This person is clearly dedicated to dance and loves it. If someone truly has a passion for something they would do anything to accomplish it. This picture can also relate to other aspects of life, things that seem like they don't have hardships are deceiving. Each profession/hobby has a difficulty that may not seem to be apparent until you go through it yourself. I personally would be willing to suffer for my art as I know that by suffering I am giving my best but that is a matter of opinion.

    - Farhan K.
    ENG 111 Section 020A