Saturday, January 15, 2011

JT: Breaking Hearts for Haiti

Does this work as a rhetorical device? How? Why? Why not?


  1. This works as part of the rhetorical triangle- pathos, because it makes the viewers feel emotion, maybe even a connection to the suffering in Haiti. The song itself stirs strong emotions in people, maybe because it is quite popular and has to do with faith. I think this form of pathos is wuite interesting as the song choice had nothing to do with what was going on in Haiti at the time. Even so, it calls were coming in like crazy at this time and lots of money was collected. ~ Alexis

  2. I agree with Alexis, this song plays on the pathos of anyone and everyone who watched it. I had to watch the video a second time because it is such a powerful rendition. I believe that the choice was made for the emotional appeal because clearly there is no biblical association with the fundraiser.
    ~ Chris M. ~

  3. I agree as well. Like Ms. Holmes said in class, music is the best source of emotional appeal. This song definitely did that, and was pushed farther by the way Justin Timberlake sang more feelings into it.

    -Ilyanna E.