Saturday, March 23, 2013

True Dedication

I usually tune out when my husband watches his sports channels every evening but not this time! The US Men's National Team beat Costa Rica in a World Cup qualifying match in the middle of an intense blizzard in Colorado on Friday night. The players could barely see around them because of the blowing wall of white; however, the teams showed immense sportsmanship and dedication by finishing the game despite the referee's attempt to postpone the match.
Perhaps this proves to all the soccer critics that the most popular sport in the world is not so boring after all…

S. Rendon


  1. I believe that when a person, who loves sport,any kind of sport,he or she can play in any circumstance.No matter how cold or snowy the weahter is, he or she will play.As these players,they seem to enjoy playing the game.

    Urai R.

  2. I didint get to wacth this game, but i saw the news about it. Its surprising that even at snow they are willing to play and give their best. I mean its for the world Cup qualifications, so good luck USA.

    Sindy L.

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  4. Soccer or its real name "Football" is one of the most popular games in the world. Its simplicity makes it so popular. Poor, rich, old, young, men, or women everybody can play it. It is more fun because it can be played during any season of the year and the picture above proves it! Hope the U.S. team stays in the competition.


  5. Even though I'm not a follower of the US soccer team, I watched the game with some friends that Friday night because the US team played before the Peruvian soccer team. This picture proves the tenacity and dedication that both soccer teams have. The best part was that the US won the soccer match, so that made it worthy.

    S. Falconi