Friday, April 12, 2013

Eyeglasses read to the blind

A unique pair of eyeglasses developed by an FIU student team could revolutionize the lives of the blind, enabling them to walk into a library or a store, pick up any book or a can of soup, and read it. By using a pair of eyeglasses and lightweight components, Eyestalk will allow a blind user to access printed material while walking around a store or library, which now requires bulkier, more expensive equipment. The Eyestalk, still in its development stage, is designed to be portable, affordable, and operate without requiring an Internet connection. Future versions of Eyestalk will target a global market and enable users to hear information aloud in one of many languages.

Melaku Mazengia (Eng 112)


  1. This is such an interesting idea. I feel like for the blind, there is only one option when it comes to walking around in public, and that's a cane. And when it comes to reading, their only choice is braille which clearly isn't on everything. I think it's great that someone is finally taking advantage of all the technology that we have to improve the lives of others, and if executed properly, I think these glasses could really make an impact on the lives of the blind.

    H. Freeman

  2. This is a great idea. It would give hope to people who are blind. These would also allow them to do new things or start doing things again that they love to do.

    Jennifer C. ENG 112 11am