Monday, November 18, 2013

Juan Martinez is a Great Prosecutor

 Juan Martinez is the prosecutor in the Jodi Arias Trial. Martinez seems very confrontational and has a lot of testy exchanges with many of the witnesses. There was a lot of debate on whether Martinez's methods as a lawyer were effective. The video above is an example of his effective method. He had an advantage over the defense because he kept the jury interested when he cross examined the witnesses. The debate about whether Juan Martinez is a good lawyer or not should end. He did succeed in getting a guilty verdict for first degree premeditated murder. I do believe his unique style as a lawyer, assisted in the outcome of the verdict (other than the evidence).
-Tanya K. Eng 112

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  1. It looked like Juan really wanted Jodi to crack under pressure. In my opinion Juan's questions seemed like reasonable questions to answer, maybe you need to think a little bit or have good memorization, but still most of them were just yes or no questions. In the video Jodi really looked innocent, but as soon as Juan started asking those questions she looked like she was trying to avoid answering them. In my opinion if a prosecutor can make you crack like that in only five or seven minutes is a pretty good prosecutor. awesome video

    A.Elias ENG 111, 9:30 class