Wednesday, December 11, 2013

You Know Who You Are - Poem

You know who you are
You are there to protect, but instead incriminate.
You are there to guide,  but instead let us fall.
You are there to help, but instead scream and yell
You are there to love, but instead you show animosity
You are there to give, but instead you take
You are there to give her away, but instead you repudiate
You are there to be sweet and kind, but instead you are a cruel monster
You know who you are

This is a poem I wrote while feeling hurt. I have edited it a bit to make it sound a little better. After I wrote this, those hurt feelings went away. I found out more here then when I used to write in journals that words are powerful. Keeping them locked away in your head and in your heart eventually lead to no where good. When I wrote this it transferred my feelings out of my heart and head on to this paper. Now this paper holds my feelings until it no longer can. 
Tiffany D Eng 112-020

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