Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Remember

I remember every time when I am with my father
I remember the smile when I say something foolish
I remember you giving me so much love, care
how you have fulfill my all wishes which were right or wrong
I remember how you treat me like two years old  baby with so much care
I remember how you can not see my moody face sad
I remember how you can tell when I am having a bad day
Even though
You can tell me what went wrong, and what a solution is
I remember how you have the best understanding of me in the entire world
I remember you always taking my side even I am wrong
I remember how you have given me best advices which were good for me
I remember your so much love for me
I feel I am the luckiest daughter in this earth to have a father like you
I am thankful to God for making you one of the best person in my life
One favorite word I want to say I Love  You Dad
without you my life is nothing
May God give you long life, and have your shadow on my forever
You stay with me in my happiness, and sadness right next to me

These are words from bottom of my heart for my dad. Sometime we cant express our feelings by telling face to face, and this is a good idea to share your thoughts in writing.
Nabila ENG 112


  1. This poem is so beautiful, I have no seen my father for so long, so remembering the happy moments with your father or any of your loved once is blessing. that is the kind of memories that stay in our hearts forever no matter what. But one advice I would give you, would be show your father this poem because it would put smile on his face. Overall, your poem is beautifully written.
    -Halimo J.
    ENG 112

  2. Every words in this poem seems like they are indicating my dad. Our parents can understand us so well that no particular words can explain them. They just look at us and read our mind. They are ready to sacrifice everything just to bring happiness in our face. While reading this poem, I remembered how my dad left everything behind just to be with me in the USA. I love my dad a lot and I will make him proud someday.
    -Sujata U
    Eng 111 (020A)