Saturday, December 6, 2014

Almost to the Finish Line

My first semester is almost done and it has been going very well for the most part. However, the end of the semester is coming so fast and I feel like I'm half falling out of a tree and hanging on to a branch with both hands. I just hope I can complete my final three assignments before time's up at the end of the semester. I know I'm not the only one who feels like he or she is running out of time, but I feel like I am. Let us hope for the best until we reach the finish line.

Collin Marquis
Eng 111-034


  1. Oh my, I cannot express how much I can relate to what you've said here. Seriously, it's impossible to articulate. I'm presently in my fourth semester at NOVA, and am trying to transfer to UVA by the fall of 2015. I never, ever, feel that there is enough time. We are inundated by many professors with mountains of work and monumental magnitudes of material to assimilate. It is as if many of them do not realize that their students have responsibilities outside of school and, oh yeah, more than one class. If one is teaching a one-hundred level, requirement fulfilling course such as PED or BIO 101, then one should not make it difficult on their students at all. English is one of the exceptions, in my opinion. Every student should be held to a high standard vis-a-vis formal English composition.
    Well... That was quite tangential your post, lol.
    Anyways, hang in there and you'll get it done. Good luck.

    -- P.J. Wordsmith

  2. I can completely relate to your post. Hence the fact it is almost 4 am and i am struggling to finish projects all while trying to study. I never expected this much work for college. I expected it to be sucha breeze. Instead its hell. Its barley my first semester and I am contemplating taking a break for the next. Good luck to you...and me. We will make it somehow.
    Katherine A.

  3. I know exactly how you guys feel. Mrs. Holmes wasn't joking when she said that the end of the semester will be coming up soon and fast. A couple of weeks ago I was beginning to mentally prepare for finals. It seems like I blinked my eyes and we're in the middle of finals already. My first semester has been great though. School has been pretty enjoyable and the workload hasn't been too bad. Hope you guys are able to get all your work done.
    David A.
    Monday and Wednesday 9:30-10:45