Sunday, December 14, 2014


Everyone is raised differently but something that we all learned growing up is "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything all." As a college student, you can have a lot going on so all you want to hear from others is "you can do it" or  "you're so awesome." Being a new college student trying to get use to the school and work, you can get very stressed. Any person you interact with can makes you feel a certain way but its up to you to stay positive. You can do anything you put your mind to and more, if you say nice things to others. If you respect others, others will respect you and you'll feel a lot better about yourself which will help you persevere in anything you do.

Macarena V.


  1. Exactly. I was raised to respect everyone regardless of what they thought about me because in the end the people that talk behind your back will not dictate your success. I was taught that nobody can stop you from reaching your goals, surround yourself with the people that give you strength and confidence, and no matter what never lose faith in yourself. I have received so much negativity in the past but that never brought me down because their negativity made me even stronger, mentally. In the end be nice to everyone, doesn't matter if they dislike you just worry about yourself and family and everyone else important to you that wants to see you have a successful future.
    Edgar V
    ENG 111-034a

  2. I really like this video because it is funny, cool and true. It may be hard to notice sometimes, but the very few words we say to someone can influence them, even if we do not know the person. You can feel it in your heart, just a smile can speak to someone. Like if you are paying for gas at the gas station and all you say to the cashier is; "Thanks you sir, take care" that can put a smile on their face as well! As we all may know, it is a little difficult to stay positive and encourage people all the time, and sometimes ourselves may feel a little down sometimes, and maybe someone else may come along and say "you great" or something, but if you focus on the positive side of things and know that you are not alone, its is easier to stay positive and help others. We can do things in others just by saying something, make it a good thing, and make life better!
    Cristian Rivera
    Eng. 111, sec. 20