Monday, March 23, 2015

Why Africa?


The world came into the existence the same day according to Christian belief, and God declared that all things were perfect, but what do we see today? While some parts of the world are progressing in life, other parts are retrogressing. The Africa continent happens to be the first point of attack when calamity strikes. Do we always blame nature for every woes that Africans are going through, or bad leaders? Comparing Africa to the rest of the universe shows clearly that Africa has no future in the sense that the young ones we proud ourselves of are wasting due to child labor and street children menace.  Young and school going children have abandoned their education, and moved into inhumane ventures. It is sad to see children cracking stones to earn one square meal. They move on the streets like sheep without shepherd. They are under the mercies of all the harsh weather conditions.

At times it difficult for one to comprehend why these children are been going through such condition in the full glare of the politicians we have entrusted our destiny to. It is only Africa that a politician can be still at post when those under his care are struggling to earn a living. At times I ask myself “Why Mama Africa?” This question has remained unanswered for years, yet we have greedy politician who are in-charge. It sad to hear that some countries in Africa have a whole ministry for children affairs, yet children are going through these inhumane conditions. Is there any sense in creating a ministry, which does not serve the purpose of, which it was created? Africa is loosing its productive youth as voluntary slaves to the West, and those left home are been going through hell because of greedy politicians. Looking at this documentary shows that Africa is far from development. How can the government allow these little children go into such deadly venture without any good measures to deal with this menace?. Is governance system working at all in Africa? We were made to believe that government seeks the needs of all people, but it is not in Africa. In Africa, government is for the rich. The politicians paint Africa as a continent with bright future, but I bet to differ because of increased street children and child labor. I will take this medium to plead with all politicians on the continent of Africa to wake up, and be responsible for once to save Mama Africa.

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