Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NEPAL: How can we help?


                          Are we able to help the affected people?

Every year the nature shows its devastating act. Different parts of the world are affected in different ways. Very recently Nepal has been almost destroyed by a massive earthquake. Over two thousand people were killed and millions lost their house and the source of living. The scenario is shown in this video. 

Many of us really feel bad and pray to God to help these people but only a few spreads their hands to 
help them. Fellow countries are showing their generosity and sending different kinds of help to them, but indeed that help is not enough. In situations like this the whole world should take part to re flourish the  country. This could be the condition of any country since no human being has the power to defeat the "Nature". But my question is are we ready to help such countries after such big natural calamities? And what are the best ways to make the help available to them?

M. Rocktim

English 112 (307A) 

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