Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Artist

There are many superstitions about mirrors. They  are related to the reflective properties. They say that mirrors in a place where somebody recently died must be covered because a dead’s person soul can be trapped in it. Or by looking in a mirror in a dark room where there is only candlelight, a person might be able to see the entities inhabiting their home. Until now there is no scientific evidence that any of these superstitions or beliefs in the magical power of mirrors exist, so let us make a little analysis of where they came from. In a house where somebody recently died, the members of the family are experiencing high levels of stress because of their loss and little things like a blurry reflection of something seen for only a few seconds can cause menacing interpretations. Or what can really be seen in a reflection of a mirror in a dark room where there is only candlelight? Nothing clear, maybe some shades or shadows, and a human mind playing imagination games interpreting those shades in a most unexpected way. The less a person hears, sees, and feels the more space there is for an amazing artist - brain to play. A human brain fills in the missing pieces and adjusts the information received according to the person’s imagination, experience, expectations, and perception. It knows what you are afraid of the most, what you love, and what you want to see. It will give you exactly these kind of emotions that will touch you in some way. Maybe that is why a picture can evoke more emotions than an entire movie; a single phrase might make a person think and analyze things deeper and longer than a novel; one gesture of a hand might be more elegant and beautiful than a dance. 

Dilfuza S. 
P.S. - Inspired by the picture of a crying girl making a shot. 

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  1. The mind does play tricks on you, but is this the case in every situation? The superstition about mirrors for example, is a great superstition to support the argument. What about the other experiences that cannot be explained? When countless amounts of people report of paranormal experiences, could their mind be playing tricks on them? The world is a huge place, full of mystery and wonder. We should accept the fact that there is occurrences that we cannot fully explain. The mind is not always the culprit.
    -Tanya K. ENG 112 11am