Monday, May 6, 2013


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From the movie, Pursuit of Happiness, this quote has always helped me through adversity. Adversity comes in many forms, but still has to be overcome. So it's always served as a good reminder in tough situations. In the movie, Will Smith was going through adversity and he yelled at his son. After he realized what he said, he responded with this quote. I believe he was saying, don't ever give up on your dreams even though people will try to bring you down to their level.                                                             -- Jonathan B


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  2. I love it when parents have so much faith in their children that they exclude their own doubt. Children nowadays need more parents like this. This is also one of my favorite quotes.
    -Whitney S

  3. I consider this movie very inspirational, and it touches my heart to hear that it was based on a true story. All of us can think back to a memory in which we were in our lowest place. This quote really inspires me to never give up. Its always great to let movie quotes fill the void and tell us what we need to hear, because a lot of adults these days forget to motivate the younger generations.
    -Tanya K. ENG 112 11am

  4. This quote is very inspirational to me because it has encouraged me to do what I want to do with my life and not let anyone tell me that I cannot do something.

    Jennifer C. ENG 112 11am

  5. One of the best massage is given through this quote. Each individual has to believe on themselves, rather than listening others what they tell you to do. Having faith on one's self is the key toward success. Self motivation is very important in life.
    Nabila ENG 112