Thursday, May 9, 2013

 It might just be the pessimist in me speaking but lets face it Graduation Sucks! Don't get me wrong the celebrations are nothing short of Legendary but what comes next? In a perfect world the answer would be a stable job with attractive coworkers, a beautiful house with an island in the kitchen, couple kids who do not rebel and a dog who can give you a high five (low paw technically). Hate to burst your bubble but reality is that life that you promised yourself will have to be postponed for about 13 years, ya  student debt can be a you know what. From where I'm standing graduating is full of expectations that are unsatisfiable and jobs you are over qualified for. It doesn't hit you when your throwing those hats up in the air but every single one of those hats must come down. and when your spending your Saturday nights watching inappropriate television and your Tuesday nights at a pub where all the bartenders know you by name you find yourself saying to yourself "my how much i miss college", and I,  am here arrogantly looking forward to the next 3 years of my life finding more and more reasons to enjoy it that much more.

-Mike D.


  1. I think we are going to have to be more creative when it comes to figuring out how to navigate paying for college and even looking for jobs after graduation. While it may seem that it is getting harder for us, there are doors that are also opening for us. For example, did you know you can make money on youtube through Google's Adsense program? Depending on your content it may be nothing but a few bucks, but these days that's good right? Or maybe you could get a higher paying part time job and work on something you are truly passionate about and see if you can turn that into profit. Sure it wouldn't be glamorous at first, but could you imagine eventually making a living doing exactly what you want to do? That's freedom.

    Kelsey S. {ENG 111}

  2. College is not the prime years such as everyone says. The economy might be horrible and jobs might be hard to get but this is not what life is about. To get a job in the real world you have to work at it. Yes, you may have to start at the bottom but there is a chance to work your way up to the top; everyone has to start somewhere. After graduation there is so much to look forward to, getting married, owning a house, having kids, being an adult and supporting yourself. There is a unique satisfaction you get knowing that you do not not have to rely on someone else and you can even support the ones you love. A college degree may not be necessary but it does help put you ahead.

    - Michele F

  3. Actually,that is what lots of students in America have to face after their graduations. It will be more horrible if students cannot find a good job to pay back. Thus, people should calm down and look for jobs. some people refuse jobs with low paying. However, i think that those are still better than no jobs.

    Loan Ng.

  4. We do not live in a perfect world. Correct. But in a world for a persistent and hard working individual, all of those things described in a "perfect" world can accomplished. There will be debt to pay when you finish school, but let that be an encouragement to work harder- and remind your children how important scholarships are. Never doubt yourself a good life or a lonely one. This is a really good post. A very important point of view that we can all learn from.

    -Whitney S

  5. I think this next phase will be somewhat similar to that upon completing high school and having your first graduation promoting us into the "real" world. Just that with going off and getting this college experience we under such drastic personal growth that it just takes a while to grasp a decent approach to applying these new concepts. But once we get over that anxiety and are used to applying these fundamentals we have acquired through college to our future endeavors we all will each leave our lasting mark on Earth.
    -Marcus h Eng 112 11am

  6. A bit of a paradox isn't it? People attend college in order to be successful in life, because college gives them a sense of security. It gets them to feel as if the degree they get will solve all their problems. Yet sometimes that is not the case. Having a degree, realistically speaking, might give you the "success" you were seeking. You might need a number of degrees before you reach your goal, and even then it might not mean much. This same degree that gives you the feeling of security, might provide none at all.

    Yet, without a degree, it is even less likely that you will become successful.

    It all depends how you define success. Some people define it as doing what you love, others by the money you make. However, almost every occupation requires a degree, so you might need a degree to be able to do what you love (ex: someone who loves science would need a science degree to become a scientist). If you are in debt after college without getting a job at the position you wanted then you end up feeling like you wasted your life. Yet if you want to become a boxer (which requires no degree but seems a lot more unstable) if you end up struggling financially, you end up regretting not going to school in the end. If you do end up becoming a professional boxer, you end up making money for doing something you love and never regret going to school. Just like you would regret going to school if you don't succeed and would not regret it if you succeeded. However, just like a degree, in the end it is all a gamble. I guess you can just say that's life.

    -Vishal L.