Monday, October 24, 2011

"Killing Us Softly"

     Killing Us Softly is a documentary in which Jean Kilbourne explains to us how countless magazine ads have affected us and shaped us through-out the years. These ads usually contain images of people that have been photoshopped to look like the "ideal female" (promoting destructive ideals of femininity, being underweight, "perfect" faces, ect.) in our society. The speaker shows how females are de-humanized and shown as "things." These ads are supposed to be selling products right? What kind of message are we really sending these readers? Most of us probably don't even remember what product was being sold in the first place. Even by looking at an ad for one second; you have already ingraved the picture in your head and thought it through without realizing it. I never really noticed how subsequently we take in the information that is given to us through these ads. It's crazy!
     Major issues like eating disorders, gender violence, sexism, ect. have always been on a critical level. I just don't understand, as much as we're told that people care and that they are trying to stop these issues. We keep publishing these revealing type of ads. The bodies that they show are unreal, literally. In one part of the film they show someone distorting 4 different females to be made into one female (Different parts of the body of different females being made into one "perfect" female). Yeah, I get that they're only trying to sell a certain product but when you really think about it. They're selling more than they think: gym memberships, plastic surgery, and even promoting bulimia/anorexia. It really disgusts me how far the media will go to sell something that really isn't a necessity in our daily lives. In the end, as much as we try to not fall in these traps. We do.

Eliana Rejas 


  1. For one i think photo shop is amazing, it eliminates or adds what people lack of. Although i will say that there using it for the wrong reasons. Magazines like these tend to hurt peoples self esteem, to the point where they wish they were this skinny or beautiful. Young girls shouldn't be influenced to look similar to the models, it can lead to serious health problems and even death. It can also lead to discrimination, bullying and sexism because of how someone looks. I think women are naturally beautiful and need to learn not to fall for the medias mind tricks.

    -Kev T

  2. I agree.. we might not think that all the ads and media are influencing us but in reality they are. There are ads on television, in magazines, billboards, bus stops, shopping malls.. it's almost like there's no escape to just be yourself! The sad part is I don't think that it will stop anytime soon.


  3. To be honest I actually think crap like these should not be on T.V or anywhere else because it lowers young girls self esteem. I think that you should be happy the way you are and don't listen to what others say about you.

    -Miguel P