Sunday, October 23, 2011


So for the last couple of years I've worked at the infamous book store chain Borders.Although chain was doomed financially way before the invention of the ereader or nook; technology was certainly was one of the guiding reasons why the chain went down in flames so tragically. Personally I think that the whole nook/ereader craze is really killing this industry. As a bookseller I am completely against the use of electronic books. Sooner or later ink on paper will be a completely foreign idea. Everything is electronic theses days; I wont be surprised the day I find out you can get pizza off the internet.So with that said PLEASE BURN YOUR EREADERS/KEEP IT TRADITIONAL !



  1. With seeing news like this you can clearly see the drastic change on how technology has taken over our lives. I wouldve never thought bookstores would soon close do to online ordering and ebooks. It has to be some sort of hault on technology advancement before people wont leave there house for anything! I agree, some things should be kept TRADITIONAL! ~DB

  2. OK, so jobs at brick and mortar bookstore will be eliminated, but people will still be reading . . . and that's good, right? I'm not sure it's totally bad to switch to Kindles, Nooks, etc. Although I do love the feel of a beautiful book . . .

  3. I think technology can be harmful, they have invented an application on the i pad or the i touch where you can download books. Its still no reason to shut down an actual book store and in my opinion, i think that kids and teenagers will read less since there's a new change. Its making humans lazy, and i think we should keep bookstores around.

    -Kev T