Saturday, October 29, 2011

Was It Right?

Kevin Carter stared at this scene for about twenty minutes waiting for the vulture to flare its wings so he could get a perfect shot and show the world the horror of the Sudanese Civil War. Finally, he tired of waiting, took the picture and scared off the vulture. Later, in 1994, this picture won him the Pulitzer Prize. A couple of months later he killed himself.

Juliana Va.


  1. I understand that he was a photographer and that he was trying to get a good picture, but I cannot believe that he waited 20 minutes for that. What happened to the little boy? Did he die? If he did, maybe that was the reason why the photographer killed himself.

    Katerine A.

  2. This isn't right but yet we don't publish anything on it,and this picture just is another constant reminder that the world is an unfair place.
    -Daniel T

  3. I remember this picture and the story.When I saw it for the first time, I couldn't stop my tear.Where was the baby going? Looking for his dead mom or dad?My first thought of the photographer was that he has no humanity.How could he do that? Why didn't he throw the camera and cover the body with something or inform the neigbhorhood? However,latter, I begun to see the other side of the picture.What story does it tell? It tells a story, one of the thousands stories, that journalist cuoldn't tell. Finally I came to conclud that, this photographer might meant to help Africans by showing their bitter life to the world's politiker and get their attentions. Moreover,if Kevin Carter meant to hurt people or wanted to be famous, he wouln't have killed himself.The motive of the picture is not clear.Clear is,we Africans suffer from war, natural disaster and diseases. And this picture is just the tip of the iceberg.In most African countries,there is no freeddom of speech and many journalsts are killed or kept in jail.Countries like these might need journalists like Kevin C. but with a great sympathy and heart.
    Hanna Ed.

  4. this is such a sad famous picture, i have seen it many times, but every time i see it again and again it breaks my heart how many people in the world suffer from malnutrition, and are literally starving to death, while some other people have millions of dollars and barely do anything to help.