Monday, October 31, 2011

Same sex marriage.

Same sex marriage is one of the nations most popular topics, with very strong feelings on each side. It has been seen as okay in some cultures, however almost every ancient script and all religions consider an union between two men or two women, wrong and against God words. An union between two members of the same sex results in an infertile pairing, which doesn't allow natural flow to continue in the world. It will be almost like a civil war period if gays become able to marry, many people will be for it and many against it causing another battle in society.

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Houria B.

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  1. They pay taxes and do everything similar as a straight couple does. And the government is denying there chance to be happy? Its discrimination and its influencing the younger audience to despise homosexuality. Its not wrong at all, and if it wasn't for religion I'm sure that it would be legal. Gay teens are committing suicide because they feel as if what they are doing is wrong, when they should have support. This is one of those situations where no one comes into a conclusion. In my opinion, they should have there chance to be happy and be married with someone they care about.
    -Kevin T