Friday, May 8, 2015

Africa is a continent

Enough! We as Africans have had enough. Some would argue that there are no stupid questions- or are there? How about questions such as "do you live in huts?" Or "do you speak African?"
Yes, these are quite ridiculous questions and Africans are tired of having to answer them over and over again.  Africa is not a country. It's a continent that consists of 54 countries all with different cultures, customs, religions, and languages. When you ask us questions like "do you speak African" we are genuinely shocked by the level of your ignorance. It's like asking Italians if they speak  European. So for those who have asked this question before I suggest that you think before you speak. When I told people that I had recently moved here from Ethiopia I was asked if I had come here with a "boat." This person assumed that I couldn't have had the wealth or reason to travel around the world with the use of an airplane- which is crazy to be honest. It's sad how Africa is portrayed  as this poor and unproductive continent where everybody speaks the same language and live in huts.  It's time for people to acknowledge our achievements and accept our differences. We suggest that you take a few minutes to research the different countries and cultures. Make sure to never address Africa as a country and when you refer to a place in Africa be specific. Don't ask if we speak African and most importantly don't assume that we are poor.

- Naomi Simatos

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  1. I understand where you coming from. people can be ignorant. When i came to the states, people used to ask me similar questions. But Africa is a continent!!! not a country.

    -Daniel Debesay
    Eng 112