Thursday, May 7, 2015

Why body cameras don't solve everything

Recently there has been an increase of civilian videos capturing police using controversial, even deadly, force against minorities. Since the questioning of police brutality has become increasingly viral, there have been many attempts to secure and protect the rights of the people as well as the police. This article explains why people are still skeptical about the implement of body cameras.

While the use of the camera is recommended to be on during all interactions, police are given the option to turn off the cameras in terms of sensitive cases such as minors or domestic abuse. The fact that cameras only show a percentage of the scene, accountability can be lost in the translation of the footage. There is also a concern of how police will act in instances brought up by the possible addition of facial recognition.

Privacy and civil rights advocates worry that the cameras will highly impact communities of color and those living in poor communities. Money being spent on this type of surveillance has been for the use of trial and testing rather then a permanent policy that will be difficult to change.


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