Friday, May 8, 2015

Police Brutality

The incident with Eric Garner is one of the many examples of police brutality. However, it also shows the racial in deference that is now the biggest issue in the nation. Many people thought racism ended after the civil rights movement, but I believe it is now that people are expressing their true opinions towards the issue. I believe what happened to Eric garner as well as to Mike Brown and many young African American males are tragic and they deserve justice. That being said, the citizens of America especially the African American community lives day by day with the fear of police officers. I would like to ask all the youth citizens how to address this issue effectively by protesting. Also Eric Garner left behind a wife and six children. His family still needs support with financial after the tragic loss. You should go to this link, then click on donate. If you donate $50, you will receive the "I Can't Breathe" t-shirt to join in solidarity with those protesting the death of #EricGarner. Afterword, you can share it on facebook, twitter or leave a comment below.

-Daniel Debesay
Eng 112 

1 comment:

  1. I remember watching this unfold in the news. The situation was really unfortunate. When I saw the video of Eric Garner, I was shocked of how it happened. He didn't deserve to lose his life like that. I agree that Eric Garner deserves justice too.The fact that he was screaming "I Can't Breathe" the cops should listened and get him out of that choak hole. I also donated and received a "I Can't Breathe shirt.
    -David Workneh
    Eng 112