Saturday, May 9, 2015

Body Shaming

Body shaming is a topic that people are very sensitive about. Body shaming is basically when someone says negative things about some one's body weight. There are two types of body shaming, one is about your height and the other is about your weight. We live in a society where the way we look is so important. So many people are trying to loose or gain weight because of the negative comments they have received. It's natural for people to notice how a person looks  but there is no reason to point it out. People are being judged by the way they look everyday. There are people who are naturally skinny or naturally thick. They can't change that about themselves. Nobody likes to be called fat or even chubby. Even if people say "oh you're so lucky you're so skinny" as a complement the person might be offended. Body shaming is wrong. Just because someone has the image of a perfect body does not make them any more of a women. What is the perfect body? As long as the person is happy with the way they look, that's what truly matters.

Pratichhya G.
English 112

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  1. I really agree with your post about this topic. I think that nobody should makes comments about ones body because you never know how a person may feel about their image. Some people may also be more sensitive than others and will takes comments that are said not to be mean the wrong way. Everyone has something about themselves that they may not like or may want to improve on and hearing negative comments will just lower their self esteem even more. Having confidence and knowing who you are is key.
    -Daelyn Hill English 112