Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Climate Change and Its Effects

Climate change endangers plants, animals and humans. Our earth or the nature is changing from time to time. The natural disasters around the world are the result of climate change. I believe that everyone of us has the responsibility to protect the nature. We need to make our daily lives environment friendly: recycling our trash, avoiding wastage of electricity or taking the stairs instead of elivator, for example.Introducing littel changes like these, makes a significant difference.
Hana Ed.


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  2. Yes, it is true that the climate is changing and we are all seen it. Some of us blame it on ourselves; that we do not take good care of our planet (environment). Moreover, there are other that believe that climate change is inevitable. I believe that climate change is inevitable. Yes we can all do things to protect our environment like recycling and so on..., but it will Not stop the climate change from happening because it is something that is already meant to happen.