Thursday, November 3, 2011

If you just started smoking cigarettes, please stop now!
I've been smoking cigarettes regularly for 7 years and it was one of the worst thing I've chosen to do in my life. After all, what you get are; bad health, cigarette stinking car, full of lighter in the drawer, 10lb of change from buying cigarettes!

Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.
Mark Twain



  1. Good for you! I never started smoking thanks in part to the rebellious nature of being a teenager; my mom smoked, and I always wanted to do the opposite of what she did! I'm thankful today that I didn't pick this habit up, as I know folks who've smoked since they were 13 and are having a very difficult time quitting despite their desire to end the addiction. I really do think that it is incredible that people still pick this habit up despite the overwhelming evidence against it.


  2. Definitely an inspirational post and it is very true. Smoking Cigarettes is a terrible habit and it is basically a set up for lung cancer. Also, I love that picture. Good job!

    Eliana Rejas

  3. very powerful image, Smoking cigarettes is like inviting your death toward you. Every body needs to take care of their health. Health should be first priority to every body. Smoking cigarettes doesn't only give a person lung cancer. Cigarettes kills you, this image is the best explanation for sickness.
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