Sunday, November 6, 2011

The McDonald's Horror

I don't know how many of you all have seen this video, but McDonald's is extremely unhealthy. This video reveals the truth behind McDonald's burgers and fries. It'll make you rethink before ordering another!

Candice B.


  1. This makes me think what are we eating? How is everything still look the same. That they are 4 years old and look unchanged what's in it? It's not natural at all.
    -Daniel T

  2. I personally dont eat Mcdonalds or teh junk fastfood places like that, but the people that do??? i feel so sorry! Home cooked meals are the best!!

    Gabriel M

  3. Ever since I seen the movie super size me, my outlook on mcdonalds has changed, THE #1 UNHEALTHIEST FAST FOOD PLACES EVER!

  4. I almost never go to McDonalds because of that same reason. Because of fast food restaurant like Mcdonalds is why the country has so many people with over weight problems.