Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Ahhhhh the gold old skins. Some might say that we still have a chance, me on the otherhand being a die hard skins fan still have hope since the eagles lost yesterday and hopefully the Giants and COWGIRLS losing all of their games. We still might have a shot to go to the playoffs. The problem is not the players, I think it is Kyle Shannanhan. I think his father needs to decide if he wants to win games to back up his son because he in my mind is stupid. If you call the right plays at the right time maybe we can score some TD's in a game. I mean goshhh just let Beck throw the freaking ball deep down the field.

Hussian B.

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  1. If you want Beck to throw bombs, first we need more than 2 recivers..S.Moss and B.Banks are great, but we need other outlets L.Hankerson gets no PT(playing time). C. Cooley and F.Davis as tight ends are a threat, plus our injure reserve list our key player are out for the season! This is not good, and on top of that its mid-season with an near impossible schedule...a die hard SKINS FAN!!

    Gabriel M.