Monday, November 7, 2011


-Josh Plascencia


  1. I think that police and enforcers sometimes abuse their power. Yes it is understandable to use force to keep everything in peace/order, though there are limits. I think that this video show us that I mean he was just recording it and got shot. Is it fair?
    -Daniel T

  2. I don't think the person that was recording should've been shot. When things get hectic everyone hesitates and doesn't always know exactly how to handle things. I think being a police officer or security can be a challenging position. That being said, I still think it wasn't right for the camera man to get shot.

    Tahreem Y.

  3. The Police has the right to take action if they feel they are being threatened. In this case they either simply abused their power or they shot him in order to tell the bystanders that they are ready to shoot at them if they do anything stupid.

    -Miguel P