Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Does this video bring you joy? or sadness? or both? To me it's both. It makes me happy because it's never too late to try and make a difference. It makes me sad because not everyone will feel the same a few days after they watch this most people will forget and never act on it and go about their lives as usual. Would you begin to act and try and make the world a better place one small problem at a time? Will you just take for granted that someone else will? Or are you discouraged because you feel the problems are bigger than you or a handful of your friends?

-Joshua Plascencia


  1. This is a great video, it caused me to think. It is true that we are promised so much and we elect people and want change, but we all don't put effort into it. If we want change it starts with one and then more join eventually they all (we the people) can make a change, make a difference.

  2. I really liked this. We really do live in a culture of complacency, where most people understand that there are a lot of major issues that need solving but barely anyone seems energized enough to even think about how to solve them. I think alot of this nihilism/cynicism comes from how exhausting our everyday lives are; we may live in the most privileged culture on earth yet most of us aren't living the lives we actually want to live, which causes burn-out. How can you work to save the world when you have to strive just to make it through the work week and pay the bills?


  3. This is an amazing video, it showed me that our skin color and nationality does not matter. Everyone is equal and by working together we will be able to prosper and become more successful in the future.

    -Miguel P

  4. Wow this video inspires me. At the same time it makes me kind of sad. We have all this technology that helps us everyday but at the same time the world seems to have just as many problems. We all need to change together. It only takes one person or idea to change the world into something positive or negative.

    Tahreem Y.