Sunday, November 13, 2011

From Beauty to Bones

Look what society has done to us and the kind of people we have become. This picture definitely says it all.

Eliana Rejas


  1. The picture tells us how the definition of( the external) beauty has changed. Currently, there are many models, prominent , and individuals who are suffering to have the "perfect size". To me, health is much more important than appearance. That is, a person is beautyful and attractive, if she is fit and feels good with how she looks.
    Hana Ed.

  2. I agree with the person from above. People are being pressured into thinking that being skinny is more attractive looking. It shouldn't matter to us girl if we are skinny, big, or average because what really matters is us being comfortable in our own skin. We shouldn't even be caring what other's say about us. Christine T.

  3. Yes, it is true that nowadays society is putting a lot of pressure on women to be skinny. but, keep in mind that we all have the right to choose. I think is important to keep a balance. just because a person is big it doesn't necessarily mean that this person is healthy. it is important to keep a healthy diet and a healthy weight.