Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Funny Pictures... so true !

Ayah E.


  1. The photo of the professor is not referring to me, is it?! ;)

    -- Liz Holmes

  2. lol the electonic marrige is so acurate the way social networks are now

  3. Pictures of my life! Minus, the McDonalds one. McDonalds is horrible for you and especially at 5AM? Oh my.. Great pictures though!

    Eliana Rejas

  4. "The electronic marriage" reflects the lives of many couples and families. Nowadays, intimacy is loosing its meaning.Eventhugh the couple is togather, they are in two different worlds. It is ironic that they are so intimate and yet so apart.Electronic device disconnect us from our surrounding.
    Hana Ed.

  5. wonderful collections of funny pictures. Actually this is very true now days social networks are more famous to be in touch with our loves one. Its sad in a way because we are getting very far away from real face talk. MacDonald's at five o clock very bad idea.
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