Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is a picture of an X-Ray of a foot in a high heeled shoe! Just look at the physical stress that is placed on the metatarsophalangeal joints! This also causes problems to the spine, not just the joints in the feet. It is sad to see what people do to themselves in the name of fashion. That shows how the statement “beauty is pain” is so true. Because there is no possible way to believe that heels are comfortable especially when they are over 6 inches high and pointed like a pencil, and makes whoever is walking in them look like they're about to fall on their face! They sure do look nice and “fashionable”, but not at all comfortable. This shows how most girls now a days care a lot more about their beauty than they do about their health.

Ayah Elborhamy


  1. Its a shame what people would do to themselves in order to look fashionable. I'm sure that if models didn't wear heels, women wouldn't have problems finding something else to wear. Famous people influence young girls to look fashionable therefore they should cut back on the heels. I hear that its very bad for the spine and can cause distortion. Why hurt your body to impress someone?
    -Kevin T

  2. This reminds me so much of the Chinese culture where girls/women with tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny feet are considered beautiful. And in order to do that, girls at a very young age are forced to start wearing wooden kids size shoes as they grow older. It deforms their feet and makes it hard for them to walk!

    This kinda shows how different cultures and times are still the same, doesn't it?

    -N. Obusan

  3. The discomfort women are willing to endure to look fashionable is ridiculous! Unfortunately, we all enjoy wearing high heels from time to time. The use of high heels has attributed to ankle and feet medical problems in many women, but we continue to buy them. The medical community should start a campaign against high heels including the restriction of their advertisement to young females. This will help reduce the negative effects of high heels on women, reducing a substantial amount of preventable medical appointments.

    Houria B

  4. WOW! this is something very scary. Women's are more going with fashion these days, but they are not realizing how it is effecting our lives. We all some how make mistake, but repeating mistakes when you know something is dangerous for your life. Now this is your responsibility to take care of your self. SO Attention ladies, health is wealth, and without high heels trust me we all will look great. This picture is inspiring to me, to learn and forward this massage to others who do not know about this.
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